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Windows are: ‘The Eyes of a House!’

The achievement of top quality with made-to-measure work and hand craft. The network for the sale of solid wood passive house windows has now extended throughout Europe, marketing all of the key elements in the area of windows and external doors for the passive and low energy house.

With us, ecology, sustainability and innovation aren’t just slogans, they’re our philosophy. With our products, we have been recognised pioneers in the area of window development for passive and low energy houses right from the start. On these pages you can find all of the important information for a beautiful window in a beautiful house. Your passive house window specialists.

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Passive House Windows

The passive house ‘V’ window is a solid wood window – both the frame and the leaves are made of pure wood. The excellent insulating value of the window is based on a frame with 98 mm wood thickness, in which air chambers are encased, that interrupt the thermal bridge.


Passive House Doors

We only use natural materials. True to our company philosophy (solid wood windows), the use of plastics and foams is completely avoided. The door is 98 mm thick. It has been designed to appeal to discerning and environmentally aware building owners and architects.


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