Passivhausfenster | Passive House Windows


Passive House Windows

The passive house ‘V’ window is a solid wood window – both the frame and the leaves are made of pure wood. The excellent insulating value of the window is based on a frame with 98 mm wood thickness, in which air chambers are encased, that interrupt the thermal bridge.

The small frame profiles correspond with the conceptions of modern architecture. The window leaf has a circumferential frame width of approx. 70 mm and only needs approx. 20 mm clearance for the internal reveal. This is possible because completely covered fittings are used. With 70 mm, the frame is also kept exceptionally small and can also be variably dimensioned. The window has a centre seal in the frame and an additional sealing on the internal part of the leaf. The aluminium weatherboard guarantees clean connection possibilities with the elements which can be opened those which are fixed. The leaf cover profile on the lower part of the leaf is ‘standard’.